This is a guideline for our program as it pertains to our canine and feline friends.  If your needs extend to large or small animal species, wildlife, or exotics, please contact us for more specific information.


The GODOT ANIMAL SANCTUARY Perpetual Care Program can give you peace of mind if you're concerned about what will happen to your pets when you can no longer be their caretaker.  Arrangements can be made to assure a lifetime of continuous health care, companionship, and a happy home for your animals.  We guarantee the beloved pet will reside with us in a loving atmosphere, receive quality nutrition, and excellent medical attention throughout the rest of its life.

In establishing our admission fee we consider:

While our youthful animals will reside with us for many years and require long term care, our elderly ones will most likely require more intensified and costly health and medical attention.  We assume that on average the cats in our care may live to be 16 years of age.  Feline life span is 12 - 18 years.  And, the dogs in our care may have an average life span range of 10 - 18 years (smaller canine breeds living longer).  Generally speaking, the later years of an animal's life are the most expensive ones with increased veterinary expenses, special diets, and medications becoming necessary.

The admission fee is individualized and predicated upon species, breed size, age, health, and special needs requirements.

We require each participating pet to be spayed or neutered, and that verification be provided by your veterinarian, unless individual arrangements are discussed and agreed upon prior to admittance.

GODOT ANIMAL SANCTUARY will provide personal transportation service to bring your animal(s) to The Sanctuary.

If you place an animal in our Perpetual Care Program, it will become a permanent resident of The Sanctuary and live out its life here.

While living here at The Sanctuary your animals will live in a 'home setting'.

For our Felines..... Each of the two catteries has several sofas, carpeted cat trees in most rooms, carpeted window seats in every window, cat baskets with pillows to snuggle in, plenty of toys, and plenty of attention and individual cuddling provided by their caretakers.

For our Canines..... There are two spacious outdoor kennels with individual areas as large as 90 feet by 40 feet for running and playing, all containing custom designed double-walled, insulated, '2 room' doghouses.  Our indoor canine facility is heated and contains individual kennel spaces with each dog having its own indoor doghouse, as well.  Our small breeds, and the elderly and infirm are indoor household residents during the winter months.  In most cases, we make every effort to place each dog with 'a buddy' matching its own temperament for companionship and, of course, daily 'playtime' with the caretakers is a must.

When health issues arise, we work very closely with several top-notch veterinarians not only in our immediate area, but when needed, seek the expertise and latest technology available at the Cornell Feline Health Center (considered by most to be the best feline health facility in the country), Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine in Ithaca, New York, and the Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.  Quality veterinary care is of the utmost importance to us.

GODOT ANIMAL SANCTUARY is a 'no-kill' Sanctuary.  But there is one circumstance in which we are obligated to humanely euthanize.  That circumstance is when the animal's quality of life has deteriorated to the point where there is nothing but pain left for it, and when there is nothing that can be effectively done to reverse the situation.  The decision to put an animal down rests solely with GODOT ANIMAL SANCTUARY based upon the counsel of its veterinarians.

For further peace of mind, when your beloved pet passes away, our agreement of loving concern for your pet also includes a proper burial in our Sanctuary pet cemetery; a grave site prayer service; and a headstone.